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1. How to become a Wing On NETshop member?


You can click the “Register” on Wing On website’s right top corner, input your email, click and drag to the right to confirm, and we will send you a verify code. Then, please check your email to receive the verify code, input it into the register page and set your password to finish the process. For more details, please read https://shop.wingon.hk/4604


2. How to login the Wing On NETshop?


You can click the “Sign In” on Wing On website’s right top corner, input your email address and password, click and drag to the right to confirm and click Login to complete.


3. What should I do if I forgot my password?


You can click the “Sign In” on Wing On website’s right top corner, then click “Forget Password”, input your registered email address, click and drag to the right to confirm and we will send a temporary password to you. Please reset your password at My Account > Change Password after login.


4. Can I register without an email address?


No. Because your email address will be used at your login name and for communication purpose.


5. What should I do if I want to change the name, password, email address or other information registered with you?


Email address is not allowed to change. For other information, you can change it at My Account > Personal Information.


6. What are the benefits for registered Wing On NETshop members?


It is free to join as a member. You will be noticed in advance about our promotions, "Super Sale", "Mid-Season Clearance", "Winter Special Sale" and other events by email.


7. If I registered as a Wing On NETshop member, will I become the Wing On Rewards app member automatically?


No. Wing On NETshop member and Wing On Rewards app are operated individually. If you want to join the Wing On Rewards app member, please download it at Apple - App Store or Google - Play Store.


Online price and product search


1. How to find a specific product?


You may use our “Search For” function onthe home page and every shopping page. Simply key in the product name, brand nameor product no. in the fields provided. All relevant items will be shown in a second.


2. Are items available at stores, also available on NETShop too?


No. We will select suitable items forNETshop only.


3. Are NETshop’s and stores’ prices the same?


All NETshop’s prices are the same as stores’ prices with basic discount. Other special offers are not applicable to Wing On NETShop which including GSA, PWP, GWP, further discount, credit card joint promotion,instant lucky draw, and etc.


4. If I want to buy an item which is available at stores only, what can I do?


We will select suitable items for NETshop only. In this case, you may visit and buy it at our stores.

5. Are all items available at NETshop, also available at stores too?


No. Some items maybe sold at designated store only, or some items maybe out of stock or sold out at stores. For any purchased items at NETshop, we will try our best to collect them for delivery arrangement.


6. Can I enquire the items available at NETshop, those items also available at my preferred stores too?


You may contact your preferred store directly. Or you may send the enquiry with items’ number, purchase quantity and your preferred store via “your comment”. https://shop.wingon.hk/comments


Ordering and Order Status


1. How can I check the status of my orders?


You may check all your orders history at My Account > Order List.


2. What should I do if there is something wrong with my order?


Please send us an Email ([email protected]k) or call us on (852)2318-2455 during office hours. We will try our best to help.


3. What should I do if I lose the reference number of my order?


You may check it at My Account > Order List to view


4. Can I add new items to my previous order which has been paid but not delivered yet?


No, you cannot add new items since the order has been paid. You can make a new order for the new items. However, if the previous order has not been dispatched yet, you can inform us to arrange both previous and new orders to deliver together.




1. How many payment method?


You may pay by Visa Card or Master Card. Your credit card data are encrypted by industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) software so that no one can read them during transmission over the Internet.


2. If the payment of my order was not successful, can I pay it again?


No. It is no allowed to pay again for safety reason. You have to create a new order to pay.


Delivery and Return Policy


1. What is the goods return policy?


Should there be any inherent defects or damages found on our products, you can send the products in person, together with original packing, sale invoice and the credit card used for payment, to any of our stores (except Discovery Bay Store) within 7 days to exchange for anew item or refund.


2. Can we place order outside Hong Kong?


Yes, placing order outside Hong Kong is acceptable. But the delivery service is restricted to Hong Kong area only.


3. Do we have delivery service to overseas or China?


Sorry, we don’t have delivery service to overseas or China at this moment.


4. How long will it take to get my order?


Under normal circumstances, you will receive our call for delivery arrangement within 5-7 working days (within 2-3 weeks during "Super Sale", "Mid-Season Clearance" and "Winter Special Sale period")

Delivery service will be delayed when purchased products with no stock, Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above, or the Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, or in the event of force majeure. An alternative delivery date will be arranged.


5. Can I change the shipping address for a confirmed order before I receive any delivery arrangement?


Yes, you may inform us by sending an Email ([email protected]) or calling us on(852) 2318-2455 during office hours.


6. How much for our shipping cost?


Local Delivery:


Delivery is available for address in Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.


Customers with purchases of HK$800 or above (with purchases of HK$1,200 or above at "Super Sale", "Mid-Season Clearance" and "Winter Special Sale" period) in Wing On NETshop can enjoy free delivery service.


For purchase amount less than HK$800 (less than HK$1,200 at "Super Sale", "Mid-Season Clearance" and "Winter Special Sale" period), delivery service can be provided at HK$100 per destination.


No free delivery service is provided to all outlying islands. If customer requires delivery service to Ma Wan, Tung Chung District and Discovery Bay, a delivery fee of HK$80 per destination is charged.


In case where an item to be delivered cannot fit in a lift or be transported by the lift, or no lift is available for goods delivery, which will require our delivery staff to walk up the stairs, an extra delivery fee HK$30 per floor (charged from 1/F onwards) is charged in addition to any applicable delivery charges listed above.


If no one accepts the delivery at the appointed delivery address on the delivery date and time slot, our delivery staff will leave a delivery message card. Please contact our Delivery Centre during office hours for self-pickup or arrangement of re-delivery at HK$100 per destination (Wing On Delivery Centre address: Wing On Godown Building, 1 Wang Kee Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon. Tel.: (852) 2318-2416 / 2318-2417 / 2318-2445)


Delivery service will be suspended whenTyphoon Signal No. 8 or above, or the Black Rainstorm Warning is issued, or inthe event of force majeure. An alternative delivery date will be arranged.


7. Can I pick up my order at Wing On stores?


Yes, customers who have placed orders in Wing On NETshop may choose our free-of-charge self-picking service to collect their purchased goods at the selected stores.

Under normal circumstances, it takes 3-5 working days to process the orders. Our stores will notify customers by phone to collect their orders when they are ready.

During the period of “Super Sale”, “Mid-Season Clearance”, “Winter Special Sale” and “Wing On NETshop Pre-Order” or when the purchased items with inadequate stock level, it may take longer processing time.

We cannot provide self-picking service within the same day of order date. For any urgent self-picking up, you may visit and purchase at stores directly.you may choose the self pick up store in shopping cart before payment.


Security and Privacy


1. What is 'cookies'? Do you use it?


'Cookies’ is a small piece of information sent by a website and stored on your computer. We use the ‘cookies’ to save are turning customer from entering email address during a shopping session. Anyway, we never store your personal information in the cookies.


If you want to disable the ‘cookies’, just change the respective settings on your web browser.


2. Is my personal data safe with you?


Information on our members is all treated with strictest confidentiality and will not be passed to any other mailing lists.


3. How do you use my information?


Other than using it to accomplish your order, we also use it in the following ways:


  • to save you from entering repetitive information such as billing address when purchasing with us again.
  • to build history of 24 months' orders for your review.
  • to notify you first hand information on promotions and sales events.


4. Is the transaction safe?


We use the industry standard Secure Sockets Layers (“SSL”) software to safeguard online transactions. Transaction details, including your credit card number, name and addresses, are scrambled so that no one can read them during transmission over the Internet.




1. I want to promote my products on your website. Who should I contact?


We are always looking for quality products for our members. In this regard, you are welcome to send us an Email or call us on (852) 2318-2455 during office hours.


2. Do you publish sales events and results of lucky draws held at Wing On stores?


Yes, we will post the major company activities and store promotions including results of lucky draws on “Wing On News”. For more details, please go to https://shop.wingon.hk/en/2437


3. If Ialready registered the Wing On Rewards app, will the ePoints be added to my account automatically after making purchase in Wing On NETshop?


Yes, but please make sure you have to register the Wing On Rewards app successfully before your online purchase at Wing On NETshop, and input the registered mobile number or Wing On Rewards app member number in shopping cart “Remarks” field during online purchase. The ePoints will be effective within 5 working days. 

For any questions of ePoints, you may send email to [email protected] or call (852) 2318-2395 during office hours.